Everything going well

2008-11-27 19:46:43 by Hyper-Freak92

Things are rollin' along now, so here's the big three updates:

1. The album is now available on iTunes under the name "Wesley Boynton." The album is called Hemiola, and you guys here have heard more of it than anyone has. Go check out the full, mastered and gapless version on iTunes, or hear and learn more through my website, http://www.wesleyboynton.com.

2. I'm doing a bunch of quantity-based pokemon arrangements for the sake of throwing me over the number of submissions I had last year. If anyone is interested in requests or anything of the like, go ahead and drop me a PM or something.

3. I've been looking for a good collab for some time now. If anyone is interested, please by all means shoot me a message and I'll check it out. I love working with others.



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